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Diablo 4: Discovering All Waypoint Locations

In Diablo 4, players can greatly enhance their gaming experience and Renown progress by unlocking all waypoints throughout Sanctuary. Below is a comprehensive list of the 35 waypoints in Diablo 4, allowing you to travel swiftly across Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, and Hawezar.

As you progress in Diablo 4, you’ll soon realize the importance of fast travel and unlocking as many waypoints as possible. The open world is teeming with enemies, and regardless of your chosen class, defeating them yields various valuable rewards such as gold, amulets, gear, consumables, and other items.

Your inventory in Diablo 4 can quickly fill up, particularly if you’re prone to collecting everything in sight like many of us. Frequently, you’ll need to manage your inventory, and the most efficient way to do so is by fast-traveling to a town where you can sell gear for gold, salvage items, upgrade equipment, and more.

Waypoint Locations in Diablo 4

To unlock fast travel in Diablo 4, you need to reach Kyovashad, which involves following the main story and defeating the first boss and dungeon. Once you reach Kyovashad, simply head to the city’s center where you’ll find the first waypoint. On the map, waypoints are marked with a symbol of a triangle inside a circle.

Diablo 4 comprises five major regions, housing a total of 35 waypoints. Here’s how you can unlock them all!

Fractured Peaks Waypoints

To find these waypoints in Fractured Peaks:

  1. Nevesk – The first town you visit in Diablo 4. The teleport waypoint activates after activating the Kyovashad teleport waypoint.
  2. Nostrava – A stronghold that needs to be saved from demons, transforming it into a teleport waypoint.
  3. Menestad – Small hamlet located on the northwestern edge of Fractured Peaks.
  4. Kyovashad – The first major city in Diablo 4, with the waypoint located at its center.
  5. Small Hamlet in Margrave.
  6. Waypoint in Yelesna while exploring for main story quests.
  7. Bear Tribe Refuge – Waypoint on the northeastern edge of the map.

Scosglen Waypoints

To discover these waypoints in the Scosglen region:

  1. Cerrigar – The hub city of Scosglen, situated in the center of the region.
  2. Firebreak Manor – A significant location in Diablo 4’s campaign.
  3. Túr Dúlra – One of the strongholds in this region that requires clearing to use the waypoint.
  4. Marowen – Head north after clearing Tul Dulra to find this waypoint.
  5. Braestaig – Accessible by heading north from Cerrigar or southeast from Marowen, allowing exploration of the entire Scosglen region.
  6. Corbach – East of Braestaig, offering further exploration opportunities.
  7. Tirmair – Unlocking this waypoint provides access to useful areas and services, serving as another hub for Scosglen.
  8. Under the Fat Goose Inn – A unique waypoint unlocking quests with intriguing and dark twists, reached by heading south from Tirmair.

Dry Steppes Waypoints

To locate all waypoints in the Dry Steppes region:

  1. Ked Bardu – The main hub city in the Dry Steppes region, encountered early during exploration.
  2. The Onyx Watchtower – A strategically positioned stronghold that requires clearing to use as a fast travel waypoint.
  3. Farobru – Another stronghold easily found while exploring Dry Steppes.
  4. Fate’s Retreat – A crucial location in Diablo 4’s main story.
  5. Hidden Overlook – South of Fate’s Retreat, playing a significant role in the campaign.
  6. Ruins of Qara-Yisu – A waypoint ideal for exploring the southern areas of Dry Steppes.
  7. Jirandai – An important city in this region, granting access to useful services.
  8. Alzuuda – A notable location for players seeking PvP action, not necessarily a priority to unlock immediately.

Kehjistan Waypoints

To discover these waypoints in the Kehjistan region:

  1. Tarsarak – Likely the first waypoint encountered when reaching Kehjistan from Hawezar or Dry Steppes.
  2. Denshar – Located in a Fields of Hatred area with high PvP activity.
  3. Gea Kul – The westernmost waypoint in Kehjistan and the main hub city of the region.
  4. Iron Wolves Encampment – Found north of Gea Kul, bringing joy to fans of the franchise.
  5. Altar of Ruin – A significant story location, ensuring waypoint discovery.
  6. Imperial Library – Situated east of the Altar of Ruin, another key location in the main campaign.

Hawezar Waypoints

Hawezar offers six waypoints, and here’s how to reach each of them:

  1. Zarbinzet – Head southwest from Fractured Peaks or southeast from Kehjistan to reach this waypoint.
  2. Vyeresz – Clear this stronghold to unlock it as a teleport waypoint.
  3. Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court – A key location in Diablo 4’s story, easily accessible.
  4. Wejinhani – Located north of the region, providing access to a significant portion of Hawezar.
  5. The Tree of Whispers – Part of important quests, ensuring easy access.
  6. Backwater – Clearing this stronghold will unlock this useful waypoint.

Using Town Portals for Fast Travel in Diablo 4

Town portals become available in Diablo 4 once you unlock the waypoint to a town’s capital, such as Kyovashad. After unlocking this feature, you can use town portals indefinitely for fast travel. Town portals act as a skill, and you can open one by pressing T or down on the D-pad. These portals allow you to travel to the nearest town. They work both ways, but exiting the town will cause the portal to disappear.

Fast Traveling with Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

Following quality-of-life changes in patch 1.0.3, you can use the following steps to fast travel to Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4:

  1. Open your Diablo 4 inventory.
  2. Navigate to Consumables and consume the desired Nightmare Sigil. A prompt will appear, asking you to open the map.
  3. Open the map and select the Nightmare Dungeon you wish to visit.
  4. Accept the travel request, and a portal will appear.
  5. Enter the portal to be teleported just outside the dungeon.

Previously, grinding Nightmare Dungeons required tedious foot or mount travel from a nearby waypoint to the precise location. However, note that this feature teleports your character outside the dungeon, resulting in two loading screens before entering. Should the developers introduce further changes to this system, we will update this article accordingly.