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Kehjistan Overview in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 introduces players to the desert region of Kehjistan, which plays a significant role in the game. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Kehjistan, including its main town, waypoints, renown activities, stronghold locations, and the World Boss Zone.

Main Town: Gea Kul

Gea Kul serves as the central hub within Kehjistan. It is the largest town and features various NPCs and essential shops. The town is equipped with a convenient waypoint for quick travel. The Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Occultist shops are located near the center area of Gea Kul. Using the town portal within Kehjistan will always teleport the player back to Gea Kul.

Waypoints: Gateways to Expedited Exploration

Waypoints in Kehjistan allow for efficient travel throughout the region. They provide a quicker alternative to walking or riding a mount alone. By utilizing the waypoints, players can easily reach important locations, such as World Boss Events. Kehjistan has the following six waypoints:

  • Altar of Ruin: Inside the Stronghold north of Amber Sands.
  • Iron Wolves Encampment: Located northeast of Ragged Coastline.
  • Imperial Library: Inside the town, all the way north of Caldeum.
  • Gea Kul: Inside the town center, west of Southern Expanse.
  • Denshar: Located inside the town, west within the Fields of Hatred.
  • Tarsarak: Inside the town, center area inside the Scouring Sands.

Altars of Lilith

Renown activities are crucial for increasing power in Kehjistan. There are various ways to earn Renown by exploring and discovering hidden aspects of the region. These activities include:

  • Side Quests: 44
  • Side Dungeons: 23
  • Altars of Lilith: 31
  • Cellars: 29
  • Discoverable Areas: 54
  • Waypoints: 6

Tracking progress is important, and players can monitor their Renown by opening the Map. By completing these activities, players can earn Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Paragon Points.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
+Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP
+3,000 Gold +10,000 Gold +25,000 Gold +60,000 Gold +150,000 Gold
+1 Skill Point +1 Potion Charge +1 Skill Point +80 Max Obols +4 Paragon Points

Cellar Locations: Unlocking All Renown

1. Man-eater’s Lair
2. Festering Tunnels
3. Blighted Burrow
4. Foul Den
5. Rancid Vermin Nest
6. Sandy Ruins
7. Groundskeeper’s Shed
8. Hellish Pit
9. Forgotten Outpost

10. Foul Grotto
11. Bone Dust Hollow
12. Sodden Burrow
13. Ravan’s Folly
14. Penitent Temple
15. City Armory
16. Ravaged Ruins
17. Festering Burrow
18. Knight’s Lodging

19. Deserted Textile Shop
20. Forlorn Cavern
21. Raider’s Mine
22. Webbed Den
23. Wicked Sanctum
24. Derelict Tunnel
25. Hakan’s Hot Spring
26. Marauder’s Hideaway

Strongholds: Triumph over Adversity

Strongholds are significant locations in Kehjistan that require players to clear out enemies to unlock additional benefits. Successfully purging a Stronghold grants 100 Renown and experience. Some Waypoints and Dungeons can only be accessed after eliminating the enemies within a Stronghold. Kehjistan features three Strongholds:

  • Altar of Ruin: Located in the north of Kehjistan.
  • Alcarnus: Located in the center of Kehjistan, northwest of Tarsarak.
  • Omath’s Redoubt: Located east of Gea Kul, all the way down south in Kehjistan.

World Boss Zone: Seared Basin

The World Boss Zone in Kehjistan is called the Seared Basin. It is situated in the northeastern part of Kehjistan or directly north of the Tarsarak Waypoint.

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