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Dry Steppes Overview in Diablo 4

The Dry Steppes is a war-ravaged region in Diablo 4, characterized by deep canyons and scorching hot water. It is a place where different factions engage in brutal battles, leading to growing unrest and desperation among the inhabitants. Cannibalism has even become a means for acquiring power. To survive in the Dry Steppes, one must embrace a life of ruthlessness or desperation.

Main Town: Ked Bardu

Ked Bardu serves as the largest town hub in the Dry Steppes, offering various amenities for players. It is populated with numerous NPCs and features a convenient waypoint for quick travel. The town’s central area houses important shops such as the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Occultist. The town portal within the Dry Steppes always teleports the player back to Ked Bardu.

Swift Travel with Waypoints

The Dry Steppes contains eight strategically placed waypoints that allow for swift movement across the region. Waypoints significantly reduce travel time compared to walking or riding a mount alone. They are essential for reaching important locations, such as World Boss Events.

The Dry Steppes’ waypoints include:

  • Farobru: Located northeast of Kotama Grasslands.
  • Ked Bardu: Found within the town, in the southern center of Kotama Grasslands.
  • The Onyx Watchtower: Situated southeast of Ked Bardu, between Kotama Grasslands and Khargai Crags.
  • Fates Retreat: Located in the west of Chambatar Ridge.
  • Hidden Overlook: Positioned northeast of Jakha Basin.
  • Jirandai: Situated southwest in Untamed Scraps.
  • Alzuuda: Found within the town, in the northwestern area of the Fields of Hatred.
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu: Located inside the Stronghold. Accessible after cleansing the Stronghold.

Altar of Lilith Locations

One of the most effective ways to increase power in the Dry Steppes is through Renown. Exploration and completion of various activities contribute to Renown accumulation. These activities include clearing Side Dungeons, collecting Altars of Lilith, and liberating Strongholds.

Renown activities in the Dry Steppes:

  • Waypoints: 8
  • Strongholds: 3
  • Side Quests: 38
  • Side Dungeons: 21
  • Altars of Lilith: 33
  • Cellars: 23
  • Discoverable areas: 51

To track your progress, open the Map and check the number of remaining Side Quests and Dungeons needed to collect all available Skill Points, Potion Charges, and Paragon Points.

Renown Rewards:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5
+Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP +Bonus XP
+3,000 Gold +10,000 Gold +25,000 Gold +60,000 Gold +150,000 Gold
+1 Skill Point +1 Potion Charge +1 Skill Point +80 Max Obols +4 Paragon Points

Dry Steppes Cellars

1. Fetid Pit
2. Briny Cavern
3. Grain Storage
4. Decrepit Hive
5. Abahru Sinkhole
6. Arid Tunnel
7. Seaside Cavern
8. Monk’s Retreat

9. Cutpurse’s Hoard
10. Rotting Pit
11. Eroded Cave
12. Cannibals’ Foothold
13. Steamy Chasm
14. Hinterlands Shelter
15. Blood-Soaked Spence
16. Barren Cave

17. Cannibal’s Hold
18. Dusty Mineshaft
19. Desolate Vault
20. Sun-Bleached Excavation
21. Dark Hollow
22. Marauder’s Hideaway
23. Abandoned Mineshaft

Purging the Strongholds

Strongholds are marked by a red skull on the mini-map and serve as event areas within the Dry Steppes. They are initiallyoccupied by hostile enemies and must be cleared to transform them into friendly territories. Strongholds play a significant role in unlocking new areas and content within the region.

There are three Strongholds that can be cleansed of evil in the Dry Steppes:

  1. The Onyx Watchtower: Located southeast from Ked Bardu.
  2. Temple of Rot: Found north of Jirandai Waypoint or southeast of the Fields of Hatred within the Dry Steppes.
  3. The Ruins of Qara-Yisu: Situated in the southeastern part of the region, north of the Hidden Overlook Waypoint.

Completing a Stronghold grants 100 Renown points and experience. It also unlocks specific Waypoints and Dungeons related to that Stronghold.

Conquer the World Boss in Saraan Caldera

The World Boss Zone in the Dry Steppes is located within an area known as Saraan Caldera, northeast of the Qara-Yisu Stronghold/Waypoint. World Bosses are formidable creatures that pose a great challenge to players, requiring careful strategy and coordination to defeat.

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