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Give Cancer the Chancla

Bulbaritos Charity Campaign

At St. Jude Anything is Possible

At St. Jude anything is possible. Explore the uplifting stories of St. Jude kids and their families overcoming adversity during the most trying times of their lives.


Luna was treated for an infection before doctors diagnosed her with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common form of childhood cancer. After receiving treatment consisting of two years of chemotherapy at a pediatric cancer hospital in Guatemala, Luna was referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.


Lo que empezó con tan solo una llamada, tomó a Katherin por sorpresa cuando recibió la invitación de St. Jude para conocer a la Primera dama, Dra. Jill Biden. También, ella comparte sus logros y lo que disfruta hacer de día a día después de vencer el cáncer infantil.


When she was seven years of age, Charlotte began her battle with Medulloblastoma and treatment at St. Jude. Doctors provided a break-through treatment for her specific molecular sub-type of Medulloblastoma, leading to her eventual remission and cure.

The Burrito Gang Supports the “Little Angels” of St. Jude


Lifetime Raised

Give Cancer the Chancla

Help the Bulbaritos is raising money to contribute towards cures for cancer and help out those “little angels” and their families.