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A Guide to the European Dead Zone (EDZ) in Destiny 2

The European Dead Zone (EDZ) is the largest and most diverse location in Destiny 2, and it’s also the first location that players will encounter when starting the game. The Destiny 2 EDZ is located on Earth and is accessible from the Director menu, and it serves as a hub for various activities and vendors.

Where is the EDZ in Destiny 2?

The EDZ, or European Dead Zone, can be found on Earth in Destiny 2. To access the EDZ, players must use the Director menu and select it from the list of available destinations. The EDZ is a vast location that is full of different areas to explore, such as the Winding Cove Destiny 2, Sunken Isles Destiny 2, and the Quarry EDZ.

Additionally, players can find a social space called The Farm in the EDZ. The Farm is a place where players can take a break from adventuring, interact with NPCs, and pick up new quests.

How to Unlock the EDZ in Destiny 2

To unlock the EDZ in Destiny 2, players must progress through the game’s story campaign. The EDZ is the first location that players will unlock, and it becomes available after completing the opening mission. Once unlocked, players can explore and participate in various activities, such as Public Events and Lost Sectors.

EDZ Lost Sectors

The EDZ has a total of 16 Lost Sectors that players can explore. These areas are filled with enemies and loot, and players can earn rewards by defeating the bosses at the end of each sector. To find the lost sectors, players can use our EDZ map shown above.

Here is a list of all the Lost Sectors in the EDZ:

  • Trostland
    • Terminus East
    • Atrium
    • Widow’s Walk
  • Outskirts
    • Scavenger’s Den
    • The Drain
    • Whispered Falls
  • Winding Cove
    • The Weep
  • Firebase Hades
    • Pathfinder’s Crash
    • Excavation Site XII
    • The Pit
  • Sunken Isles
  • The Gulch
    • Flooded Chasm
  • The Sludge
    • Hallowed Grave
    • Cavern of Souls
    • Shaft 13

EDZ Region Chests

In addition to Lost Sectors, the EDZ also has a total of 20 Region Chests that players can find. These chests contain valuable loot and are scattered throughout the EDZ. Here is a list of where all the Region Chests are located:

  • Trostland: 2 Region Chests
  • Outskirts: 3 Region Chests
  • Winding Cove: 3 Region Chests
  • Firebase Hades: 3 Region Chests
  • Sunken Isles: 3 Region Chests
  • The Gulch: 3 Region Chests
  • The Sludge: 3 Region Chests

EDZ Vendor

The EDZ has a vendor named Devrim Kay, who can be found in the church in the Trostland area. Devrim Kay sells a variety of weapons and gear, and players can earn reputation with him by completing activities and bounties.

Exploring is a great way for new players to get started in Destiny 2, and veterans can also find plenty of things to do and explore. Join in on the fun and pick up Destiny 2 today!