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Osiris League Rewards

What are the rewards for the Osiris League?

Osiris Coins

During the Osiris League competition in Rise of Kingdoms, every alliance will receive Osiris Coins after participating in battles, whether in the league or regular Ark of Osiris battles. Additionally, every participant (including substitutes) will receive bonus Osiris Coins.

Status Victory Defeat
Osiris League Alliance Members 200 0
Combatant 300 200
Ark of Osiris Alliance Members 100 0
Combatant 150 100

Special Rules for Osiris League

  1. All governors included on the list of participants for an alliance participating in the Osiris League will be unable to participate in regular Ark of Osiris battles until their League alliance has been eliminated from the competition.
  2. Governors who have not been included on the list of participants for their alliance may choose to leave their alliance and join another alliance to participate in regular Ark of Osiris battles. However, governors who claim weekly Ark of Osiris alliance rewards in one alliance will be unable to claim Osiris League alliance rewards in the same week by joining another alliance.
  3. Battle mechanics are the same for Osiris League battles and regular Ark of Osiris battles.
  4. The alliance and individual rewards received after Osiris League battles are identical to those received following regular Ark of Osiris battles, but the number of Osiris Coins received is different.

Playoff Rewards for Osiris League

Only alliances who progress to the playoffs will receive rank rewards. (Rank rewards will be sent within 48 hours of the end of the season finals, after the system has verified that no errors occurred.)

Osiris League Alliance Rewards

All alliance members will receive rewards corresponding to their alliance’ s performance in the playoffs (governors who join an alliance following the end of the rest period will not receive rank rewards).

osiris league alliance rewards

Participant Rewards for the Osiris League

All Osiris League playoff participants (including substitutes) will receive special rewards corresponding to their alliance’s final ranking.

osiris league individual rewards

Other Rewards

Throughout the Osiris League competition, governors can earn Osiris Coins by participating in League battles or regular Ark of Osiris battles. These coins can be used to obtain rewards from the League Shop. Additionally, all participants, including substitutes, will receive bonus Osiris Coins. Learn more about this amazing event on the official Rise of Kingdoms website.