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Osiris League Season 7 Group Stage Results

The group stage of Season 7 in the Osiris League for Rise of Kingdoms has concluded, and the outcomes are now available. Season 7 witnessed significant surprises as certain teams emerged strongly to secure points, determining the two advancing teams from each group for the bracket stage across all four realms. The identity of the leading contenders, set to claim the Season 7 championship and establish themselves as the supreme ark team this season, is yet to be unveiled. Below are the top 32 “no show” match metrics:

Horus Realm – 13 of 48 matches
Anubis Realm– 12 of 48 matches
Bastet Realm – 17 of 48 matches
Sobek Realm – 21 of 48 matches

Total of 63 of 192 were no-shows. So 32.8% no shows in top 32

(All matches with teams under 10k)

Horus Realm Top 32 Group Results

The Horus realm was a hub of remarkable matches, with none being as intense as the battles in Group A. E301, 419E, ~OG, and ~TR- poured their efforts into the competition, and the group’s top two positions were decided in the third week when E301 took the lead in net points due to ~TR-‘s absence in their match. Despite ~OG defeating the then-group leader, 419E, their victory margin wasn’t substantial enough to surpass 419E and secure a spot in the top 16.

In Group B, both JST and 93T asserted their dominance right from the first week, and the showdown between these two teams defined the group’s dynamics. During their clash, JST exhibited their mid-game prowess, overpowering 93T and clinching an 11k victory margin.

Several other teams also left their mark during the group stages: 1158’s triumph against the seasoned ark team BLN!, eV~’s inaugural entry into the top 16 of the Osiris League, and the impressive progress showcased by both 84OF and 16OT.

Anubis Realm Top 32 Group Results

Season 7 showcased a clearer dynamic in the Anubis Realm, where our returning champions, 60GT, effortlessly dominated their opponents and secured their place atop Group A. Notably, a slew of unexpected teams emerged as contenders, solidifying their positions heading into the top 16. Noteworthy among these are SV68, WIB!, GV77, and 1ee8. Among the groups in the Anubis Realm, Group E stood out for its remarkable balance, culminating in a climactic final week that determined the top two positions. Every match in the group stage was fiercely competitive.

Bastet Realm Top 32 Group Results

In the Bastet Realm, a fresh powerhouse emerged in the current season of the Osiris League in the form of kingdom 2489. While they had previously claimed the championship, they leveraged the off-season to engage in extensive recruitment efforts, resulting in a substantial presence with four teams securing spots in the top 16. Additionally, familiar faces from the league’s history returned to the fray in a new realm, namely S~W and DVL. The landscape also features a range of teams on the cusp of hitting their stride, including F84D (formerly a part of the esteemed RD2K team) and D91R.

Sobek Realm Top 32 Group Results

The Sobek Realm consistently delivers excitement as it witnesses the ascent of future Osiris teams. Season 7 brought about several surprising teams that caught our attention, such as @W34, R46D, and 2949. Anticipation builds for their top 16 matches, promising an experience that you definitely won’t want to miss!