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Osiris League Season 4

Understanding the Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms

Registering for the Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms

Once the Osiris League event is open, alliance leaders or officers must register their alliance on the event page before the end of the registration period. During registration, competition times and combatants must be selected and cannot be changed once the registration period is over.

Osiris League Registration Requirements

  • Alliance: All alliances that have built 10 or more alliance flags can register for the Osiris League.
  • Individual: All governors with city halls Level 16 or higher can be selected as participants.

Competition Times for the Osiris League

The competition rounds for the Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms will take place on Sundays. Alliances must select three potential competition times from the available time slots (03:00, 09:00, 13:00, 14:00, and 19:00, all in UTC) and rank them in order of preference. After matchmaking is complete, the system will automatically determine a competition time based on the times selected by each alliance. Please note that competition time preferences cannot be changed once the qualifiers have begun.

Registering Participants for Osiris League

Alliance leaders or officers can select 30 combatants and 15 backups from their alliance to register as participants. The matchmaking rating for each alliance will be calculated based on the combined matchmaking rating of their top 30 governors. Please note that this list of participants cannot be changed during the qualifiers, and governors who join an alliance after the end of registration cannot be selected as participants. This restriction will be lifted after the end of the qualifiers during the rest period.

Selection Process for the Osiris League

Osiris League Realms

After the registration period, the top 512 alliances based on their matchmaking rating will be selected to participate in the Osiris League qualifiers. It’s worth noting that even if an alliance does not qualify for the Osiris League, they can still participate in regular Ark of Osiris battles.