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Spring Once More | Update 1.0.67

The release of a new update in Rise of Kingdoms, the popular city-builder RPG developed by LilithGames, signals the start of a new season. This particular update, entitled “Spring Once More,” will feature various spring-themed events. The game recently introduced three new legendary commanders, which have already generated a lot of excitement within the community. The developers appear to be continuing the momentum with the release of patch notes for Update 1.0.67, which were shared on the game’s official social media channels earlier this week. The update itself is scheduled to go live on March 15th, 2023. As is typical with updates in Rise of Kingdoms, players who pre-download the patch data will receive extra Rubies and Gold as a reward. Without further ado, let’s delve into the specifics of Update 1.0.67.

Spring Series of Events

Spring Once More Rise of Kingdoms

RoK governors will be surprised to see some recurring events as well from previous Spring patches. Some amazing events coming with the Spring Once More update are as follows:

1) Blooming Anew: A breath-taking 7-day long login event where players will get a special present for each day, they log in. Make sure to log in consecutively to not miss out on the rewards.

2) Wish Upon a Cloud: Fly Kites and make wishes for the coming year. A specially designed spring event where players can collect Kites which are going to be the event currency for the event. Players can fly them in order to get rewards.

Spring Blossoms City Theme Rise of Kingdoms

3) Springtime Surplus: Spring is known as the season of good times and peace along with beautiful weather to add glory to the season. Take in the spring breeze and redeem some limited-time gifts through this event.

4) No Peak Too High: This is going to be a challenging event where players will be given tough missions. However, the tougher the mission, the juicier the rewards you will reap as your bonus.

5) Zenith of Power: A new city theme full of Spring breeze is waiting for you! Governors who manage to rank high by increasing their strength will obtain this limited-time city theme completely for free.

Wish Upon A Cloud Rise of Kingdoms

6) Tempest Clash: A full-fledged blood-bath filled event where the RoK Governors fight among each other to determine the ruler of the seas.

7) Arms Training: Armmaster Lohar has stepped on to the Arena once more. This time, he’s not only furious but also more powerful. Challenge him to show who’s the true almighty! Be careful, he gets stronger after every battle. How long can you last against him?

8) In Search of Wonders: Discover ancient armaments and pave your path to power. (Only open to kingdoms that are in Season 3 or the Season of Conquest at the start of the event)

New Season of Conquest Story – Siege of Orleans Pioneer Event

Siege of Orleans Rise of Kingdoms

The storylines of Season of Conquest have always been a significant feature of multiple seasonal updates, including the latest Update 1.0.67. As with previous updates, one of the major additions in this patch is the introduction of a new Season of Conquest storyline called “Siege of Orleans.” According to the event description, “The enemy is threatening the city of Orléans. If it falls to the English, the rest of France is in peril. The Maid of France is leading the charge to save Orléans from its fate!” The new storyline will bring new mechanics, the auxiliary commander system, and an entirely new map. Here are some additional details about the event:

  • Auxiliary Commanders: In the new mechanics, all commanders can equip additional 3 auxiliary skills from 3 separate auxiliary commanders.
  • Siege of Orleans Campaign: This is a brand-new story-related game mode. The condition to unlock it is if your alliance or coalition is currently occupying the Orléans Guildhall and it is not facing contention with any other alliance or coalition. An option to start the Siege of Orléans Campaign will be offered to the players. Throughout the campaign, players will be tasked to defend the kingdom of Orléans from invading English troops. When all the defending troops are defeated or the Guildhall of Orléans is sieged, the campaign will be failed.
  • New Map: In this new Lost Kingdom map, you will be a warrior of France from one of 6 different regions, helping Joan of Arc defend Orléans from the English, but also fighting each other for control over the city.

Improvements to Season of Conquest

Museum Improvements Rise of Kingdoms

Some major improvements that are coming to the Season of Conquest are as follows:

Museum Improvements

  •  Added the ability to upgrade relics. Upgrading a relic will increase the bonuses it provides to its commander.
  • Museum exhibits have been expanded. New commander exhibits and relics will gradually be added.

General Improvements

  • Adjusted the effects of the Aggression, Spiked Armor, Safe Return, Teamwork, and The Great Destroyer strategies in the King of the Nile story.
  • Inter-coalition diplomacy (example: forming unions) is now enabled for all Lost Kingdoms in the Season of Conquest.

Optimized the rules for Autarch Testimonies and Autarch rewards:

  •  Added new Legendary Autarch Testimonies.
  •  Legendary Autarch Testimonies can be awarded to any coalition in any camp, not just your own.
  • The number of Legendary Autarch Testimonies you can award depends on the story.
  • Reduced the number of Autarch Testimonies you can award to your own camp’s coalitions from 300 to 240.
  • Your camp no longer needs to control your Crusader Fortress for you to receive an Autarch reward.

Armament and State Forum Improvements

Museum Improvements Rise of Kingdoms

With the new update 1.0.67, some changes to the Armament and State Forum are also outlined in the patch notes:

  • Added the “transmute” feature: You can now use Transmutation Stones to “transmute” your armaments, which will randomize their attributes.
  • Transmutation Stones can be obtained through the Armament Shop, the Lost Kingdom Crusader Achievements, etc. The updated rewards for Crusader Achievements will only take effect in the newly started Lost Kingdom after the version update.
  • Improved the Travel feature. You can now skip certain animations while traveling.
  • Optimized the display of armaments in your inventory. You can now sort your armaments by date received.
  • Optimized the order in which armament attributes are displayed.