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Madness Tournament

The Ark of Osiris is one of the largest events in Rise of Kingdoms and so we decided to host the largest Osiris League tournament! Welcome to the Bulbaritos Madness Tournament!

Horus OL Season 6

Anubis OL Season 6

Horus OL Season 5



  • MUST BE a registered member on the Bulbaritos Website.
  • Fill out the knockout bracket and SELECT A CHAMPION. In the event that we have a tie, all the winners will be added to a wheel and winners will be chosen at random.
  • All digital prizes (gift cards) will be sent to the email that was used to register on the website! This is to ensure that members are just registering with fake emails.


*IMPORTANT – In the event that we have multiple correct brackets each participant will be put into a drawing and one winner will be drawn randomly. All gift cards can either be Google Play or Apple.

1st Place

$75 Gift Card for the best submission

2nd Place

$50 Gift Card for the 2nd best submission


Can I Submit more than one bracket?

No. There is a limit of 1 BRACKET PER PARTICIPANT per contest.

What happens if I submit more than one bracket?

If multiple brackets are submitted the FIRST bracket submitted will be the ONLY BRACKET considered in that tournament.

When will prizes be awarded?

Winners will be contacted within the next 24-48 hours after a contest has been concluded for verification of which prize selection they would like per that contest. Please make sure to read through the prizes section and learn how prizes must be collected.

Who can play in the tournament?

Anyone who is a current active Registered Bulbaritos user can participate in our Madness Tournament Contest.

Can fellow content creators, mods, youtubers, or admin participate in the tournament?

100% YES! Participants only need to be a current active Registered Bulbaritos website users to participate in contests.